Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June ~ EHAG Emporium

Welcome to the EHAG Emporium! Each item below is an original Halloween treasure. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact the artist individually. Most artists have included a blog or website for you to view more photos. Once a piece is sold, the item will be marked as such. Please bear in mind that an item may still show it's for sale when it has been purchased. We will work as quickly as possible to mark pieces when they sell. Happy Shopping!

Pumpkin Candle Holder
by David Everett
For more photos or to purchase:

Halloween Moon Man
by Cindy Conrad of The Pixie's Thimble
$175.00 plus traveling fare
additional information at
email me at to purchase

"Beware the Headless Horseman"
by Deborah Adams of Possible Impossibilities Studio
$145.00 + Shipping

"October Bride" Hand-carved, Painted and Sewn
by Anthony Costanza
Email for more info or to purchase:

Jack and Friend Handpainted Candy Dish
by Jennifer MacNeill Traylor ~ Gypsy Mare Studios
$79 plus shipping

"Dancing on the Day of the Dead" from Cornerstoregoddess
by Eleanor Burian-Mohr

Halloween Vintage Tole Lamp
by Susie Pastor
$215 plus shipping
Blog for more pictures:

Halloween Pumpkin Gourd!
$75 with FREE Shipping to the Lower 48 States
To view more pictures and for description, visit:

"The Headless Horseman rides Again!"
by artist Leah Humberston. $395.00
Visit my blog for more close up views and additional information.

Halloween Carnival Wheel by Sweet B Folk Art
$275.00 plus shipping
More info and photos on my blog:

"Bloomin' Betty" by artist Johanna Parker 11" tall Candy Container
 SOLD - $595.00
 Additional views, details and one more original available at: Email:

Cat Cry
by Allen W. Cunningham
SOLD $145 plus shipping SOLD

"Vlad Cat-ula" by Soft in the Head Artist: P.K. Gracia
SOLD $115.00 shipping in U.S. included (inquire about outside U.S.)
More pictures and information on:

"Hallowe'en Funhouse" 9 x 12" SFA
by Christopher A Klingler of Designs By CK

"Roly Poly" ~ Candy container & postcard
by Lori Rudolph ~ Retro Rudolph's
SOLD $99.00 + airmail shipping SOLD
To purchase please email:

"Gypsy Fortunes" Slide Box
by artist C.Copp-Waterfield of Cat & Fiddle
SOLD $104.00 plus shipping SOLD
See additional views and details at:
Email to purchase at

"Monkey-Cats Studio Orb 2010" by artist Laurie Hardin
SOLD~ $425 plus shipping ~SOLD
Additional views, details and one more original available at:

"Miss Mischief!"
by Cathy Pendleton
SOLD- $155 -SOLD

Zilla Shadow
~ Kaf Grimm ~ Grimitives ~
SOLD - $110 -SOLD

"The Moon Man", a vintage style pull-toy
by artist Nancy Malay
SOLD $159.00 SOLD