Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Emporium

Our September Emporium is on the small side this month. Many of our members are attending shows such as  Ghoultide Gathering (MI), Halloween & Vine (CA),  Spirits in Sanford (FL) and STJ Holiday Soiree (NJ).  If you live near any of these shows, please stop by and support our artists.

Each item below is an original Halloween treasure. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact the artist individually. Most artists have included a blog or website for you to view more photos. Once a piece is sold, the item will be marked as such. Please bear in mind that an item may still show it's for sale when it has been purchased. We will work as quickly as possible to mark pieces when they sell. All pieces will remain available until they are marked sold.
EHAG art is also available through Ebay & Etsy.
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Happy Shopping!

Antique Box by artist C.Copp-Waterfield of Cat & Fiddle.
See additional views and details at:
email to purchase :
Piece stands 12"H in a Wood Box 7" X 4"
Price: $112.00 plus $5.95 shipping.

"Sleepy Hollow" By Cathy Pendleton/The Cheswick Company
One-of-a-kind $265
email to purchase:
Website and blog~

Original 8x10 painting on archival watercolor paper by Cat Mallard
available for purchase in my etsy shop

"They Did the Monster Mash."
from Cornerstoregoddess (Eleanor Burian-Mohr)

Halloween Medium JOL/Display Stand
(ca.7½" Tall/ Top ca. 11" x 8")
by Elona Engelke/Wondrousthings
SOLD $79 w/ FREE shipping!

Pair of two 12" vintage art deco lamps featured in the newest
issue of Celebrate 365 (this signed issue will come with the lamps)
by Susie Pastor
Painted with acrylics and properly sealed to last forever.
Signed and dated
$300.00 plus shipping

"Lil Witchie Poo"
Handsculpted from 2 air dry clays, she stands 12" Tall.
Price: $75, and includes free Shipping to the lower 48 States.
For more pictures and the description, please go to:
To purchase, please email me at: