Friday, May 28, 2010

May Opening of the Emporium

Welcome to the EHAG Emporium! Each item below is an original Halloween treasure. If you would like to make a purchase, please contact the artist individually. Most artists have included a blog or website for you to view more photos. Once a piece is sold, the item will be marked as such. Please bear in mind that an item may still show it's for sale when it has been purchased. We will work as quickly as possible to mark pieces when they sell. Happy Shopping!

"Bella Boo" by artist Johanna Parker SOLD ~ $325.00 Additional views, details and one more original available at: Email:

"Ramses and Roy" (Walking Like An Egyptian) by Soft in the Head- P.K. Gracia SOLD $110.00 SOLD
Blog: Email:

"Welcome, Dearies!" - Handpainted Sign by Carolee Clark, of King of Mice Studios SOLD -$165 -SOLD For more info: Email to purchase:

Miss Jack-O-Bat by Nancy Malay SOLD $85.00 SOLD
Blog: Email:

"Oh you handsome devil" ~ luminary/candy container Lori Rudolph ~ Retro Rudolph's SOLD -$225.00 - SOLD blog: email:

Green Cat & Witch - By Vergie Lightfoot Cat is 33", Witch is 17" $2,500 (or best offer) - shipping included Email for more information and photos:

"Lily Vervain" Folk Art Witch Painting Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor $75 plus shipping Blog for more: Email:

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch ~ a CHARMed bracelet and earringsArtist: Cornerstoregoddess (Eleanor Burian-Mohr) $69 Blog: email:

50 Guinnea Undertaker Crow Deb Adams - Possible Impossibilities Studio $165.00 plus shipping Blog: E-mail:

Big Pumpkin Candy Container $95 For more photos or to purchase: Email:

"The Grand Party Horn" by Len Bentham/Happy Holidays $450.00 plus shipping Blog url for more info: Email:

"Hallowe'en Carousel" 9 x 12"
SFA by Christopher A Klingler of Designs By CK SOLD- $300.00 -SOLD

Hallo'Claus SOLD- $160.00 ~ SOLD Blog: Email:

"Valdimor Hargrave" by Cathy Pendleton SOLD ~ $235 ~ SOLD Website and blog: Email:

Witch's Party $95, with FREE Shipping to the Lower 48 States See pictures and description at: To Purchase please email me at:

28" Double Sided Halloween Tree Skirt $250.00 Blog: Email:

"Mr. Scare D. Squash" - He's a luminari. by Leah Humberston $85.00 - $5.00 USPS Priority Mail See more info and pictures on my blog: Email:


  1. Spectacular pieces everyone... I am still drooling over your pics! ~ Lori

  2. Lovely EHAG artisan goodies ALL!

    CK :-)

  3. wow just fantastic everyone!!!! I too am drooling!

  4. Such fantastically ghoulish Halloween goodies! Congratulations to everyone on the EHAG Grand Opening and all your excellent pieces!! Susan

  5. Wow such wonderful Halloween Treats!