Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mysteriously May Giveaway

♩♪ Tra la, it's May, five months to holiday...♫ ♬... but only two weeks until the May EHAG Emporium.

Before the gates creak open (on May 31st at 9 pm EST) to reveal the latest treasures from the artists of EHAG, here's something to whet your appetite.  Four Giveaway Gifts.

To enter, simply leave a comment below, with a way to contact you (website, blog, email).  If you wish, tell us about your favorite Halloween treat.  On May 30th, at 9PM, the skeletal hand could draw your name.  And you could win one of these prizes:

an owl sculpted from paperclay
from Leah Humberston of Leah's Art Magic.

"Happy Halloween!"
a 5x7 open edition print
from Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations

a not-so eensy weensy spider 
(who only climbs up beaded water spouts)
from Cornerstoregoddess Eleanor Burian-Mohr

"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."
Edgar Allan Poe
"Edgar" ~ Limited Edition Postcard Print by Designs By CK

...............•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•...............  

Leave your comment and hope the spirits smile on your entry.


  1. love, love, love, love these...

    you guys really make good art!

  2. Oh, to be able to create like this! It must be wonderful.
    My favorite memory of Halloween was these wonderful paper mache jack o lanterns, that actually looked a bit like the comedy/tragedy masks the way they were styled. Inside, if we were good, were Halloween treats and toys from the Witch! Ahh, childhood.

  3. Oooo.... do I get to play? :-)
    ~ Deb

  4. Wow...love treats, especially candy corn! It would b a terrific treat to win one of these special goodies!
    crossing my fingers! Lee (LS1295ataol.com)

  5. Halloween will be here before we know it!! How can you pick just one favorite halloween treat!lol My sister and I would always sort all our candy when we got home to see what we got the most of, always a fan of m&ms. Would love to win some great art from this great group!

  6. whooooooooooo....Please include me in the drawing!

  7. I always know Halloween is around the corner when I see Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses. (I'm already drooling)

    Such great goodies you guys have!


  8. Love original Halloween pieces, not the stuff in all the big box stores!

    Hmm... favorite Halloween treat? Who can choose? Vampire chasers, potato ghosts, spiderweb cake, pumpkin soup, pumpkin mole.... mmmmmmm....

  9. Awesome! Thanks to all these wonderful artists for this chance!

  10. Wonderful Artwork! My favorite Halloween treats have changed from yummy candy to Halloween art! Less fattening and more enjoyable!


  11. OOOH LOVE! Please throw my name in too! Robert :)

  12. What great give sways! Love especially the owl and Poe but they are all precious! Would love to win!

  13. I really enjoy the wonderful art that peeks out at me from this dark corner

  14. Okay, favorite Halloween treat - hmmmm, very tough decision. Pumpkin spiced latte? Candy korn? Cauldron full of bubbling hot soup? Those little two bite candy bars that can be stolen..er, borrowed from your children's candy loot?

  15. My favorite halloween treat is old fashioned candy corn, the kind that tastes like butter and sugar not just sugar. MMMMMMMM Contact me for the win at iluvhallow33n@gmail.com

  16. My favorite treat is pulling out my vintage collection of glass and metal pumpkin men. Their heads light up. Decorating for Halloween is my idea of the perfect day!


  17. Would love to be entered! Thanks :D

  18. Awww...Please include me in the drawing!
    My favorite treats are carmel apples and candy corn!! :) Thanks!

  19. I LOVE them all!!! Now I'm seriously in the mood for Halloween...think I'll head to the craftroom and get Halloween crafty!

  20. halloween is when the year turns to weather i can cope with & starts the holidays season off right! favorite treat? anything with caramel in it!
    contact: jlalexia(at)yahoo(dot)com

  21. Hmmm ... my favorite Halloween treat as a kid was Pixy Stix - would come back so hopped up on sugar from trick or treating my parents would have to peel me off of the ceiling to get me to bed LOL. But now that I am an adult I like to raid my kids bags for any and all dark chocolate because they don't like it (lucky me!)

    LOVE Halloween - and thanks to the talented artists who contributed to this :)

  22. Oooo! I love all of the giveaway gifts...but my favorite is Edgar Allan Poe as he is the best poet for spookiness. My favorite candy in the fall are those little pumpkins in the bags that Brach's makes. I can make a bag of them last for six months, on into spring and it makes me think of fall.
    (You can contact me at my blog where my email is listed on my profile.)
    Thanks a bunch!
    Teresa in California

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  24. Some fantastic stuff here! Please enter me in the drawing!

  25. Beautiful spider! Time to start thinking about a costume...

  26. I love, Love, LOVE these wonderful pieces! Maybe some day if I don't grow up I can be an EHAG artist! :)

  27. Favorite Halloween treat HAS to be those hilarious wax teeth and lips! When I was a kid it was the official start to Halloween when you seen them out for sale! The best part was the trip home-my sister and I would put them on and make faces at people in cars next to us!

  28. My fave Halloween treat is caramel apple cider. We make it the day before Halloween when we have our pumpkin carving party! All the artists on here are so talented. I would love to win!!

  29. My favorite halloween treat is peanut butter kisses! Mmmmmm....now I'm ready for fall. ;)

  30. My favorite treat is when the children make it down our driveway, it is very spooOOOoky and the first year we lived here i had to lure them down by hiding behind the trees..we live in New Zealand and it is not as big as in the USA...now there are over 100 children and even their parents are dressing up. I have roped in a few friends to help with the spooking duties, they come early so they can dress up too! I don't give out sweets but my darling offers to pull their teeth our with rusty pliers ha ha! We try and take photos of them all...and put them on cd to give to the kids who live in our street. One year I was The Dream Catcher and had glo in the dark planets swinging from my top hat...and My darling was The Nightmare Chaser,each child came into my Witchy playroom and I made up a Dream Bundle to keep away nightmares and help them remember their good dream ..one child woke next morning with it still in her hand and asked her Mother if it was ALL A DREAM???Apparently the kids start talking about it in FEBRUARY...have been mentioned in book called "Good Life" and also a Magazine with full page photo of us on our spooky driveway...it is My fave time of year. We were given a Harmonium with we put on the deck last time...very Addams Family hee heeXX

  31. My favorite candy for Halloween is/are Smarties! I could eat a whole bag! Can't wait until tonight!


  32. I could just live in a Halloween Ozlike world populated by EHAG art! I just love this site!
    Thanks for the contest. Irene