Sunday, January 15, 2012

The "Hail the New Year, Ghouls and Ghosties" EHAG Emporium Winter Giveaway

Fast away that old year passed, and here we are with a brand new EHAG Emporium on the frosty horizon at last, along with the first of this year's quarterly giveaways.

To enter the Winter Giveaway and a chance to win one of these treasures, leave us a comment and tell us what haunting resolutions you plan for the year ahead.

On the night of January 30th, the skeletal hand will reach into the cauldron and pull the names of three winners, who will be announced in a blog post.   Be sure to leave your contact information with your comment ~ either an email address or blog through which you can be contacted.   If there is no contact information, another winner will be chosen.  

A BlogGoblin haunts this blog. If he doesn't let you leave a comment, you may email it, along with your information, to The friendly BlogMistress will add your comment for you. All entries must be emailed by January 29th at 9PM.

Finally, on the 31st, at 9PM EST, the gates of the EHAG Emporium will creak open to reveal new ghostilicious offerings.

Here, then, are some treasures to hail the new year.

☾¸¸.•*¨*☆*¨*•.¸¸ ☽

a Set of 3 Magnificent Magnets
by Christy Meyers of CC's Whimsies

☾¸¸.•*¨*☆*¨*•.¸¸ ☽

" Witch and Crow" 
~wood block art ~
by Leah Humberston
  of Leah's Art Magic
size is 5 1/4" x 5" x 1/2" 

☾¸¸.•*¨*☆*¨*•.¸¸ ☽

 Reading in the Pumpkin Patch
created by Cornerstoregoddess /
Eleanor Burian-Mohr
a bookmark of lampwork glass, pressed glass, and crystal
Themed jewelry for every whim at
More BrightandShinyThings at
Musings and ramblings of a Los Angeles beader and writer at 

☾¸¸.•*¨*☆*¨*•.¸¸ ☽


  1. My New Years Plan/resolution is to get back to being creative and get back to my creative side. Thanks for the great work and creations.

  2. Love all the goodies!! My New Year's resolution is to let my muse think she is the boss so that I can be even more creative and let my whimsy run amok!!!!

  3. My resolution this year is to create only what I want so I enjoy everything I do.

  4. I shall be writing more and finishing what I write. I also resolve to get my butt to Ghoultide this year.

  5. Here's to a great giveaway!  This year I am focusing on keeping my goals for the year, finishing dolls in the Izannah Walker doll ning site, and also a healing doll in the Cloth and Clay doll ning site.  Time Flies when you're having fun!
    If I win anything in the giveaway please contact my email or my blog link below. Thanks a bunch!
    Teresa @
    Please come visit my blog! You won't be disappointed with all of my new and older posts.

  6. resolve to take time for more “play” in my life.  Thanks for your wonderful art and artists 

  7. My haunting resolution for this year is to create an etsy store with my best friend- We HEART halloween and want to sell all things halloween- we need to start crafting now-

  8. This year I am planning to be more productive and not wait until the last minute to get projects completed!

  9. to be happier, calmer, and enjoy life more.

  10. This year I might just start a blog. Every year people ask me to start one and every year I think about maybe I should actually act on it....LOL. :0)

  11. Ghoulish Greetings! I would love to be entered to win one of these lovely treasures!!! Please, skeletal hand, please pick my name!!! : )
    One of my new years resolutions is to become more organized. I think being more organized will help me be more productive and more relaxed. Happy New year!!!

  12. My new year's resolution is to remember and thank all the generous artists who offer their talents and treasures so willing to all of us wishing to covet their wares with the mere chance of a bony hand reaching in and giving us goosebumps and hoorays when we win .....yep... THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!!!!!!

    A devoted fan

  13. My ghoulish resolution is to spend more time crafting and working on creating lovely Halloween lovelies. I am new to doll making but my goal is to make a few along with some Halloween quilts, candle mats and other fun items. I just really enjoy Halloween spirit ALL YEAR LONG!!
    I love your website and all the artists you showcase. Wow.
    Evelyn Trujillo

  14. My Goals for 2012:

    1.Create 200+ new patterns for my website
    2. Continue to work out 3 days a week and join a yoga class
    3. Shop more locally and organic.
    4. Learn to use my new airbrush!!!
    5. Become an EHAG’s newest artist!
    6. Get more sleep!

    These are the biggies on my list and I’d appreciate it if you’d post these and enter me in the giveaway!


    Lisa Berberette

  15. My resolution is to save all my pennies for Ghoultide Gathering this year! Thanks for the entry....Diane P. -

  16. my resolution? more art, more art, more art!

  17. My resolution is to enjoy the new year!

  18. My resolution is to lead a more creative life, more often. These are so beautiful! Heidi ...

  19. My resolution for the new year is to embrace my inner "ghoul" with even more gusto than ever before....Thanks for keeping "the spirit" alive 365!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. As I creep around my attic floor. I peek inside all things in store.
    But what do I imagine I find? Why, but ghost & goblins of all Kinds! Oh must I clean the attic? Wouldn’t it be more evil on Olde Hallows Eve! Boo, I say to my hauntingly husband, “Why is it so important to part & plunder through these spidery webs you’ve weaved?” What am I to find but things of long ago past, from ghosts of dead people who may want to revisit the present. These oh so shadowy ones might not like for me to disturb and give away all their treasures long kept here all covered with dust and cobwebs of enormous sizes.
    Left as they were long, long ago when that Grim Reaper appeared. Oh my what a macabre web we weave.
    He has no answer for me is he a ghost himself to be? So as I peer into boxes of old all covered in dust but what to my spookiest eyes do I spy? Oh my! Dolls & more dolls and Jack-O-Lanterns too! All from ages long ago.
    Unnerving pictures of not very friendly folk! Oh do I see what I think I see? Hand made from ages and ages ago.
    It is a dank and dirty Voodoo Doll with pins stuck in her heart and eyes!
    Then all of a sudden I hear this bloodcurdling eerie SrEAm!!
    That's it...Oh Boy that is it... for my New Years Cleaning.
    I dropped that horrid thing and run screaming falling down over the witches broom!
    When I awoke from a knock on my noggin I open my eyes & what do see...
    open book of the "Tales of the Witch named Bree!"

    Kimberly Thomas

  21. My new Years resolution is to work less and play more,
    more art and crafts, more gardening and more searching
    EHAG for the perfect Halloween folk favorite..and
    more playng with my gypsy horses and the wagon, sleigh and
    costumes I am making for us all. Can't wait to take them
    Trick or Treating,