Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The "There Was an Old Skelly" April EHAG Giveaway

There was an old skelly

Who lived in a shoe.

Had so few bones left

He could barely say "Boo!"

Wake up that rhyming bone because it's time for an EHAG Giveaway in which you could win a Halloween Folk Art Skeleton Ornament by Iva Wilcox of Halloween Alchemy or a  Mouse Witch who lives in a shoe created by Cathy Barden Pendleton of The Cheswick Company...or a plaque of the Boo Crew from Elona Engelke of Wondrous Things.

These are just a eye-tickler of the spookifying pieces from the Artists of EHAG.  Ghoultabulous new works will be revealed on April 30th at the April EHAG Emporium.

To enter the giveaway, leave a verse of your own along with your name and contact information.  On April 29th, at 9 PM EST, the skeletal hand will pluck three names from the cauldron and you could be the winner of one of the pieces above.

Then return on April 30th and prepare to be awed.

Beware.  A BlogGoblin haunts this blog.  If the BlogGoblin doesn't allow you to leave your comment, email it to and your kindly BlogMistress will enter your name (and verse) for you.


  1. Don't we all love to go out on Halloween night?
    The ghosts and the goblins give us a fright.
    Then home we go for some Halloween cheer
    To admire our EHAG friends that are dear.
    A skelly and pumpkin cheer up the place
    Why not add a Boo Kitty--there is still space.
    A steampunk owl would be quite the treasure
    And a Monkey Cat something would bring great pleasure...
    Too little time on just one holiday
    To admire the artists in the EHAG array.
    All the little darlings let out a cheer
    On finding they get to stay out all year!

    Love all the goodness you make :)

  2. WOW...i love it...this is everything so nice. I love Halloween...!!!

  3. Such frightful fun again at EHAG!
    Such lovely creations I do see.
    So enter me sooon
    before the rising of the moon...

    stir the black pot
    full of names to be picked
    reach into it carefully and
    select mine name real quick!

    OK - it isn't the greatest, but what fun! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Witches fly and black cats screetch,
    into that cauldron a skeletal hand does reach
    a name it draws, but don't give pause
    tis not a trick, but a treat!

    Three happy ghouls will shriek with delight
    It's almost as fun as Halloween night!
    The creations are dressed to the nines
    I hope the name that's picked is mines!

    Okay, maybe not the best poem ever, but still fun! LOVE all the great giveaways!

  5. Pumpkin Faces on
    Porch Lit Places
    Witches Screaming
    Nightmare Dreaming
    Treat Filled Bags
    We Missed Our " Hags"
    Orange and Black
    Welcome Back!!!!!


  6. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    On this dark night
    I'd like to enter too!

    starrynitesfarm at msn dot com

  7. In the darkest hour of night
    Even ghosts will get a fright
    When one by one, the witches fly
    And jet-black cats hiss and cry
    The cold, crisp air smells of damp
    While through the graveyard, zombies tramp
    What can explain this ghoulish scene?
    It is time for Halloween!

    Thanks for another wonderful contest!

  8. halloween fun
    ghouls and ghosts
    i wish it would come
    spooks and goblins
    tricks and treats
    can hardly wait
    for halloween fun

  9. In my dreams I'm only nine
    and dreaming of Halloween time.

    A ghost, a witch or a scarecrow...
    which will I be?
    A princess sweet or a Monster scary?

    Whatever costume I don tonight, I know it will fill me with delight.


  10. In the middle of the night I lie awake in bed
    Wrestling with witches and spooks in my head!
    My heartbeat is rapid my breathing so shallow
    My throat is so dry that I can't even swallow!

    I cowardly clutch the covers under my chin
    As I look in the corner and to my chagrin
    It wasn't a haint or a goblin I saw
    But my own silly dog that was wearing my bra!!

  11. Oh my gosh, oops! silly me
    I forgot to leave my contact I.D.!!!

    For Jan Moore-Petty

  12. EHAG! Oh, EHAG! Your Site I Do Haunt…
    There’s So Much to Love, and So Much I Want…
    Your Artists Create Friction…
    I Must Feed My Addiction…
    So, Beware My Poor Savings…
    I Have New EHAG Cravings!!!!

    Karri A. Bailey

  13. Oh Skelly and Pumpkin
    and Cat your the one!
    Even the Mouse
    joins in on the fun!
    So, haunting you are
    and BIG smiles you do bring.
    Thanks for making Halloween
    our most favorite thing!!